There’s a great party vibe across Slow Down Honey’s latest EP! There are elements of everything from the Beach Boys to the Bee Gees mixed in somewhere in the sound. Each track races along with huge amounts of energy, catchy tunes and groovy sounds. The result is a collection of slickly produced songs that make you want to get up and dance. The band are clearly having a lot of fun here and it translates into a really fun record.

One I know is a fast moving and lively dance pop tune. The tune is very slick and polished while having a great summer party vibe to it. Tell me what you want continues the party vibe while taking on a funky ska sound. The song races past with some infectious dancey sounds. Hayley, you’ve got to move fast has a strong disco vibe to it paired with a funky bassline. You let the whole world down continues the funky sounds with some groovy guitar riffs and a great  sing-a-long chorus. The EP closes with the solid indie dance sounds of Hypnotized.

This is a very promising release. Each track is full of energy and catchy tunes and a general party vibe. There is also some great musical depth here to ensure the sound doesn’t become stale. This is a great feel good EP.


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