This is the debut release from Sydney 3 piece Skinpin. Packed with hardcore energy it packs a punch and shows a lot of promise.

Skinpin have a a heavy hardcore punk sound in the vein of Black Flag or Bad Religion. This album has all the elements of a solid punk rock album. Each track on the album is hard fast and packed full of energy. The guitars are rough and ready and provide a loud blast, this is backed by some crazy drumming and topped by some great sing-a-long lines. On top of this the band serve up their music completely raw with a good level of distortion making.

The deep dark post punk orientated Crawl is a major highlight to the record.  The deep bass and slower guitar create a massive atmospheric wall of sound! Other highlights include the rocking sing-along You don’t mean and the atmospheric metal sounds of Howl and

This is a very solid and promising debut! The only downer is that it is rather short, falling just shy of the half hour mark. That being said, each track is short sharp and to the point leaving so excess padding of filler. If you like hardcore punk rock then this album is for you!


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