This week we are featuring the debut album from Nevrness, a bass instrumental project started by Japanese bassist Bitoku in 2022. The album titled Reorient, features 20 songs of pure bass instrumental.

The 20 tracks really show off just how many varying sounds can be achieved from the bass guitar with a mix of hard hitting punky tunes, spacey prog-rock-esqe soundscapes as well as more laid back and chilled out moments. It seems too easy to draw comparisons with Les Claypool but there are some moments reminiscent of Primus, along with traces of Porcupine Tree and Mile Oldfield. Each track is short sharp and very much to the point, with none lasting longer than 2 and a half minutes and this leaving

On the new album, Bitoku said: “What inspired me to get started on this project was an Ibanez demonstration video I was involved in. The song I wrote for the video was so well received that I decided to make an album in the same style. Which is the ultimate bass instrumental music with only bass and drums. I don’t know what genre this is, but I hope that besides metal listeners, prog-rock, math-rock and other music genre lovers will also listen to it.”

Bitoku is best known as the founder of the metalcore band Sailing Before The Wind.

He has worked as touring bassist for Crystal Lake for several years. He is also an official endorser of Ibanez and featured on demonstration videos.

The videos he has been involved with so far have over 460,000 views on YouTube. The concept of this project is to use only bass and drums to complete music, without guitars, synths or vocals.

Check out Nevrness’s Facebook page to find out more!