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International Men’s day 2017

Happy international men’s day everyone! Once again to celebrate the event in the only way we know how, here is this year’s top 10 tracks performed by 10 male artists/band’s from across 10 nations over the past year or so.

10. Stella Diana – Sulphur

9. Alcest – Je suis d’ailleur

8.  Ctulu – Treibjagd

7. Atlas – Covered in gold


6. 10 Years – Novacaine

5. Triggerfinger – Colossus

4. Jet Plane – I hate you too

3. Michael Cullen and the Soul Searchers – Black coffee and cigarettes (live)

2. New Zero God – Hellbent on me to lose

1. Ride – Lannoy Point


Check out the Internaitonal Men’s Day website to find out more about the day!




Interview with Catherine Traicos

At the start of 2017, Catherine Traicos returned to the studio with a full band after a hiatus of four years from band work and one year from her solo work. Tomatrax caught up with Catherine to talk about her latest release.

You’ve just put out your latest album, how does it feel to have it out?

a little surreal in a good way.

You said that the album almost did not get made, what inspired you to persevere to complete the album?  

I feel if I hadn’t I would have sat on it forever and not been able to move on musically.

You also said about the title track that you wrote around 40 songs at the time but that it was the only one to survive, what happens to the songs that don’t make it onto the album?

they disappear into a vortex wherein reside single socks and ballpoint pens.

You’ve also said of some of the songs on the album that they were written at a “low point”, is it hard to put songs this personal on show for everyone to hear?

once you put that low point into music, it changes and becomes art, something else. So, no, it’s not hard. Art is transformative.

You’re performing with a full band for the first time in four years, what prompted the return to playing with a band?

I like to mix it up, keep things fresh.

How does performing completely solo compare to being in a band?

I often improvise when I play solo, there is more freedom to mess about with my songs and my voice. With a band though, it’s a lot more fun and just working with people in that way, interacting in that space where sometimes you don’t even look at one another, you’re just listening and responding, that’s powerful and inimitable (and the best).

You are paint as well as working in films and creative writing, how do these compare to making music?

I kind of link a lot of stuff in my head so I don’t believe that they’re that disparate. They’re all a process, a force and often it’s hard and unrewarding but I wouldn’t want to do anything other than be an artist of some description.

Is it hard to juggle your various passions?


Are there any plans to apply your creative writing towards a novel?

Isn’t everyone writing a novel?

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Only when it is still a work in progress or if I need to remember a lyric for a live show.

What music do you listen to?

I listen to a wide range. I love Angel Olsen’s work, I listen to a lot of Bach, I really like Josh Ritter as well. Lately I’ve been overplaying Joanna Newsom and this weirdly hypnotic Bach sonata that’s not very well known. Also Leonard Cohen’s pretty good…

Now that the album is out what do you plan on doing next?

Messing about. Singing in the shower. Catching up with musical friends and exploiting their talents. The usual.

Check out Catherine Traicos’s website to find out more!

Interview with Brian Vodinh from 10 Years

Two years afternoon putting out what was thought to be the band’s swan song, Knoxville’s 10 Years have returned with another record. The album sees the return of Matt Wantland and Brian Vodinh making it something of a “rebirth” for the band.

Tomatrax caught up with Brian Vodinh, the band’s lead guitarist, to talk about their latest work.

You’re just about to release album number eight, how does it feel to have it finished and ready to go?

It feels great! This album is full of songs that are really made for the stage, so we have been anticipating getting the album out so the fans can get to know the material so we can play them live.

You’ve said how with your previous album that you thought it was going to be the last, what changed your mind?

The biggest aspect that changed from the last album is that we made the tough decision to let go of a long-time member. The band dynamic was toxic and unhealthy before and if we did not make a change we most certainly would have just ended the band after the last album. We weren’t happy, we weren’t playing well as a band, it just wasn’t working anymore. But now, with this particular lineup change, as well as the opportunity to ink a deal with our new label, Mascot, we feel we are playing better than ever and we are refreshed and excited again. It’s like being a kid all over again!

Where did the album title How to live as ghosts come from?

The album title is a play off of the last album title, which was From Birth To Burial. We are now ghosts rising after the death of the last chapter of the band.

What made you pick ‘Novocaine’ as the album’s single?

Novacaine is a really straight-forward rock song that I think really gives you a kick in the chest from start to finish. We wanted something to come out first that was a little bit different from a lot of our historical material as well. This song is 10 Years, but has a little bit more of a stripped down and abbreviated approach that we thought would be great for a first single.

This time round you brought in a producer, what made you decide not to self produce the record?

I really wanted to have a set of outside ears on this music. It’s very easy to lose perspective when self-producing.

What was it like to work with Nick Raskulinecz?

Nick’s like an extra band member when he produces. He was heavily involved in every aspect of the process and he was very hands on. He played a major role in helping us rearrange songs and get outside of our own heads. He was great.

You used PledgeMusic for pre orders of the album, what inspired you to take this approach?

Pledge Music is a great way to offer fans a unique album buying experience. It’s easy to go online or on iTunes and just buy an album digitally, but Pledge Music gives bands the opportunity to offer the fans something tangible and unique. Things like album bundles that include several different signed items, old gear the band used on tour, drum heads with custom art on them, hand-written lyric sheets, etc…

Did you get any unusual requests as part of the pledges?

Typically we determine the pledge bundles ourselves before launching the pre order process, so we just make a list of all the potential ideas for packages and then implement the ones that seem like the fans would like them.

Do you see sites such as PledgeMusic as the future for funding records?

I think it’s definitely possible. I know some bands already use sites like Go Fund Me and various other crowd-funding sites to fully fund their recording process. We are living in a very quickly changing digital age where it’s almost difficult for bands to keep up with the ever-evolving trends and possibilities.

After 7 albums and over 100 songs, is it hard to keep coming up with new material?

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new/fresh lyrical content. After writing about so many different subjects over the years, we feel like sometimes we have to make sure we aren’t recycling ideas on accident! It’s kind of easy to almost rip yourself off without even realizing it. But, as we get older and gain more life experience, we usually have new things that come up that give us inspiration.

Where did the name 10 Years come from?

10 Years was the name of a song we had back in the very early days of the band (1998/1999) and we liked that title so it became the band name.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

We don’t listen to our music a lot but we certainly do sometimes. Especially before we start a tour. We like to make sure we remember how to play the songs correctly!

What other music do you listen to?

The band listens to a wide variety of music. I am into film scores and really love all the Hans Zimmer stuff, as well as classics from my youth like NIN, Metallica, Tool, Deftones. The other guys are into bands like Brand New, Thrice, and some others. We are into a lot of different stuff.

Now that the album is about to be released what do you have planned next?

Lots and lots of touring. We hope to have a large international presence on this album as well so hopefully we will be touring all over the world for the next couple of years.

Check out 10 Years’ website to find out more!

CD Reivew: The Omnific – Kismet

The Omnific are a Melbourne based three piece a consisting of 2 bass players and a drummer, creating a unique new age / rock / metal sound. This is the band’s second EP, showing off an amazingly colourful collection of sounds and atmosphere!

The duel bass guitars bring out a very unique sound that is charged with energy and atmosphere. The moving slides seamlessly from intense industrial metal sounds to calm chilled out new age sounds and a fair bit in between. The basses bring out all sorts of interesting sounds full of character and colour!

‘Proem’ opens the EP in a out new age fashion. It quickly thrusts into top gear speeding along with great energy and life. ‘Objects de vertu’ has a subtle jazzy feel to it bringing in a cool chilled out vibe.

‘Bugbear’ shows off the exceptional range the band can achieve with their bass guitars, bringing out a cool mix of rocking and electronic style sounds. The title track follows in a similar fashion putting forward a mix of metal and new age sounds sounding like Metallica remixed by Mike Oldfield.

‘Ersatz’ is a short, sharp, and intense metal tune. Going for just under tow and half minutes the track blasts through with great power! The EP closes with the Mike Oldfield-esq epic ‘Sonorous Pt 2’

This is a very cool EP with 8 action packed tunes. The band have demonstrated amazing sounds can be created with just drums and bass guitars.

Check out The Omnific’s Facebook page to find out more!


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