This is the debut single from New Zealand 3 piece Gatherer. The band like to explore as many styles and sounds as they can in each track. With elements of rock, metal and industrial experimentation all covered somewhere. There isn’t always a smooth progression from one extreme to another but the twists and turns keep the songs interesting with lots of surprises on the journey.

Regular Frontier starts off sounding like a massive rock anthem. As it progresses it takes a lot of twists and turns covering everything from XTC-esq to industrial metal sounds. Thrive starts off as a heavy punk rock tune with distorting guitars and a furious drum beat.It then mellows out for a while before thrashing out at the end.  Marvel hill is the main standout on the CD. It is a slow darker tune with elements of opera metal and shoe gaze infused. With the different styles mixed in together the song feels much more settled while offering a great unique sound.

This is a very promising debut release. While there are still some rough edges to the sound the band show off a great ability to take on different styles and pull them off with creativity and flair.


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