This week’s feature is the sophomore release from Canadian four piece Basement Revolver. The album is an epic infusion of shoegazey atmospheric soundscapes and emotionally charged lyrics delivered with immense passion!

Chrisy Hurn-Morrison, the band’s lead singer describes the album as “an album of friendship, of working out identity together, and making deeply personal art.”

On making the album, Chrisy said ”Being brutally honest through lyrics is often what feels the safest to me. Ironically, it exposes all of my shit to the world.”

Chrissy said that ”Embody, is about my journey towards healing. It is about reconnecting this fleshy vessel that I occupy with my mind and my identity. It is about learning how to love this part of myself that I have zero control over.”

Embody includes “Dissolve,” “which was written about creating a life together with my husband, through the beautiful and the bitter.”

Chrisy explained that ”It is about looking into my partner’s eyes and feeling fully known, falling more and more in love each and every day, even though it feels impossible to love someone more.

Growing up in the church and in purity culture caused many parts of myself to shut down, or to escape from my body. 

While working on this album, I was dealing with an active eating disorder, trying to work through some pretty significant trauma, and grappling with how to come out to my community and family.”