This week’s feature comes from the online music project between friends in Tennessee, Missouri, and Australia, Good Fake.

On vocals is frontman for Royal Chant and Designer Mutts, Mark Spence. Mark had the following to say about the release.

“COVID has destroyed the live music sector and the only silver lining of any sort we have found thus far was a bit more time for creative projects further afield from our usual bebop, anti-folk, & indie rock comfort zones.

“You Vultures” is a 7-song effort that straddles the line between LP and EP, and definitely treads in musical territory outside of my comfort zone.

For fans of (maybe, we’re winging it here): Tool, A Perfect Circle, System Of A Down, Foo Fighters, maybe some old Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots. I dunno, it’s in a heavier vein, you get me.”

Check out Good Fake’s Bandcamp page to find out more!