Michael Ciravolo’s brainchild Beauty in Chaos has returned with another album, this time comprising of 6 tracks performed by 6 female vocalists. Tomatrax caught up with Michael to talk about his latest work.

• You’ve just released your latest album, how does it feel to have it out?

It’s always a very bittersweet thing to me.  I, along with everyone involved with ‘Behind The Veil” put a lot of work and heart and soul into making this album.  I really enjoy the process of creating our music.  My brain already starts wandering to the ‘what’s next’ question.

• Where did the title “Behind The Veil” come from?

It was a phrase that somehow got stuck in my head when I decided to work with only female singers on this album.  Finding a couple of really cool photos that worked with the working title sealed the deal for me.  I think it fits so well with this release and I also feel that all six featured ladies really opened up behind their own veils with their amazing lyrics.

• Once again you have a different vocalist for each song, is it important for your work to have multiple vocalists rather than one doing all songs?

I don’t think I would do a sole singer in the context of Beauty In Chaos.   The evolving, revolving singer works great and I think it keeps BIC from falling into the pitfalls that always befall a typical ‘band’.  I also love exposing new artists to our BIC Family.   And, it’s also a two-way street since most of the fans of our featured audience discover BIC that way.

• Was it hard to round everyone up for the album?

I didn’t feel like it was too complicated,   This release features three BIC alumni  and also three new singers to the BIC Family.  I had spoken with quite a few very talented ladies but the time-constraints,, etc. made it impossible to collaborate with all of them for ‘Behind The Veil’.  I certainly hope we get to work with each one of them in the not so distant future.  Maybe a string of ‘singles’ or a part-2 will be in BIC’s future.

• When starting each song did you know who you wanted on vocals?

I don’t think Michael Rozon and I set out intentionally to create a piece of music for a certain singer.  It just seems to become obvious as the track starts to come into focus.  I really can’t explain it, it just sort of happens.  To me, as soon as the singer puts themselves into the music … words and melody, it then becomes a song, the song.  I never wonder what it would be like if someone else sang it.

• Will you be singing on any future Beauty in Chaos songs?

I’ve thought about it.  In the past, I sang on a project my wife and I used to do called Stun Gun.  I like to think I’ve gotten a bit better!  We’ll see.  I am blessed with being friends with amazingly talented singers better than I am, but I love the challenge.

• You’ve said how the closing track from “Storm before the calm” inspired the direction of this album, did any songs from this album give you inspiration for your next album?

Yeah … “Stranger” featuring Holy Wars’ Kat Leon sparked the path to ‘Behind The Veil’.  Now that I have realized this, as it was not consciously planned, I am wondering myself if “Grasp The Stars” will lead me to explore more of my heavier darkwave musical side on whatever is next.  I know for sure that ‘Grasp’ was the perfect closing track for this album.

• What inspired you to include remixes of each track on the album this time round?

Partially, breaking from what we have done in the past, but also I was determined to release a new record in early 2022.   I gravitated towards the 2.22.22 date as it fit sort of spiritually with the concept of all female singers.  With my BIC cohort, Michael Rozon working with Al Jourgensen on the next Ministry record,  Iknew it would take a few more months to write, record and mix 3 -4 additional songs.  With our label, 33.3 Music Collective still willing to press physical music in the day and age of ‘streaming’, I figured we might as well utilize the full 76 minute capacity of the compact disc.  And honestly, I love the idea of these remixes.  It is exciting to hear what others can do with the songs.   I think the listener will find very diverse interpretations of the six songs.

• How do you choose who remixes which track?

I am certainly blessed to have many extremely talented friends who are amazing producers, engineers and artists that have always leant their time and talents since we first started releasing remixes with ‘Beauty Re-Envisioned’.   Most of the remixes on ‘Behind The Veil’ are from BIC Alumni, but there are a few new names this go-round.  Usually, I don’t pick the track but rather send the originals to the artist to see what sparks them to create.

• Have you ever had a song remixed and then decided the remix should be the “lead” version?

Not at all.  I feel that after all of the work that Michael and I put into creating the ‘original’ version, that, at least to me… it is THE version.  This is certainly not to say that some of the remix/re-envisions could not be a stand-alone track,  20thCentury Boy” featuring Rolan Bolan, along with Tim Palmer’s reworkings of “The Delicate Balance Of All Things (featuring Cinthya and Wayne Hussey) and his ‘Edge Of Realty’ remix of ‘Open Wound Heart’ come to mind.  Actually,all three of these have or will have an accompanying video.

• This time round you had enough remixes that it spilled into a second album, was it hard to lick what went onto the main album and what went onto the bonus remix album?

Yeah, in typical BIC fashion is blossomed into something bigger!  The running order is something I do put a lot of time into….  Time that has no bearing when the listener hits shuffle on the CD or skips around on streaming ☺    It was a bit of a difficult process, as my goal was to have one remix of each of the six songs.  In the end, each track had not only multiple, but very diverse remixes.  I went with what I thought was the best ‘blend’ stylistically.  This decision was certainly made easier by 33.3’s willingness to also release ‘Further Behind The Veil”.  It was very important to me that all of these versions were made available in a physical format.  I appreciate and truly value each artist that spent their time on these remixes and would never want it to seem like I picked favorites.   I certainly hope that the listener gives each of these a listen, even if they did not purchase the 2-CD set that includes ‘Further Behind The Veil’, the full 25-track digital is included.  There are certainly gems in there!

• Now that your album is out what do you plan on doing next?

Yeah … the $100,000.00 question!  As this record was being mastered and all of the text and art compiled, I was already thinking of jumping back into the studio to record and possibly release a few ‘singles’.    Michael (Rozon) had played some gorgeous pedal steel on Jerry Cantrell’s solo album, and has now been asked to join him on his 8-week USA tour.  I am so happy for him, and it does give me sort of a forced pause, that is probably some much needed downtime.   Besides creating some new musical ideas in my home studio, we will be shooting two additional videos from ‘Behind The Veil’.  Not sure which will be completed first, but we are deep into the planning for Cinthya Hussey’s “Open Wound Heart”, and the album’s beautiful opener, “Afterlife”, which features my wife, Tish Ciravolo.   

Also Jammerzine, who produced our first behind-the-scenes documentary “Behind The Beauty – Remixing The Chaos” a couple of years back, will also be releasing “Unveiled”, which will feature all six of these beautiful and extremely talented ladies talking about their songs.  The release date is not yet set, but we are well into the process.  I am really looking forward to this.

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