This week’s album of the week comes from former Tomarax album of the year recipient and two time runner up for the Tomatrax Top 100, Norway’s multi-instumentialist, heavy metal solo act Sylvaine.

Once again Sylvaine has graced us with a series of heavy metal offerings that are paired beautifully with deep atmospheric soundscapes and amazing vocals that range all the way from beautifully operating to full on hard hitting screams! Like a walk thill a chilling woods at night the album continues Sylvaine’s epic journey with no dull moments whatsoever!

With regards to the album Sylvaine said

“I knew this album would be a very challenging one to conceive, yet little did I know just how heavy it would be. This is an album where I truly left every single piece of my soul captured inside its songs and melodies, after having been thru some of the most challenging times in my life so far back in 2019/2020. I was so broken inside when I started making this record. “Nova” stands as a witness to that, and also shows the first steps of rebuilding myself, proving my self-worth to myself once again. It marks a death. It marks a rebirth. It marks the constant cycle of transitions this human life offers us while we are here and the difficulty to accept that nothing lasts forever. I’m really grateful to have had the chance to take all of these emotions, these experiences and turn them into something meaningful, something I am very, very proud of today.”

Check out Sylvaine’s website to find out more!