This is album number five from Belguim trio Triggerfinger. The album captures the various post punk and Britpop elements, it feels as if the music is constantly evolving over the course of the album. The band make the various sounds their very own producing something that is familiar yet very fresh and exciting. Each track is bursting with life and a Charing energy that makes you want to jump on to the ride right away.

The title track is a racing and energetic post punk tune that mixes the dark elements of The Cure or Joy Division and the rocking elements of the the Cosmic Psychos. There is a thick dark atmosphere that drags you in while at the same time the raging sounds get you dancing away! ‘Flesh tight’ brings in a more raw and gritty sound. The music thumps along in a sharp and harsh manner, offset by some soft poppy chorus sing-a-longs.

‘Candy killer’ is a chilling horror movie style soundscape. The unnerving backdrop provides a tense atmosphere amplified by the chanting choruses of “killer killer”.
‘Afterglow’ sounds like an unplugged version of Porcupine Tree. The music is stripped back and minimal, however the band achieve an amazing all encapsulating atmosphere making you feel like you are out on a stranded ship in the middle of the ocean. ‘Breathlessness’ has a Manic Street Preachers feel to it. The music is energetic and rocking from the word go and all the way through. ‘That’ll be the day’ brings in a kind of heavy trip-hop feel to it with some cool drumbeats and a heavy-industrial backbone. ‘Bring me back a live one’ sounds like a cross of T-Rex and the Rolling Stones. There is a dirty vintage rock-and-roll sound meshed with a cheese 80s twist. The album closes with the dark and chilling instumental ‘Wollensak walk’.

This is a truly amazing album! In just over 35 minutes the album captures all manner of styles, sounds and atmosphere. The ever evolving sounds provide twists and turns at every corner keeping things interesting while also achieving so smooth and seamlessly that it all feels like it was meant to happen. There is something quite magical about the music here!

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