Following up their 2014 album New Frontiers, the Danish trio blasted this emotionally charged and atmosphericly moving 5 track EP. The EP sounds like the band picked their favourite bits of the best post punk around with elements of The Cure, Joy Division, and XT appearing somewhere in the sound. The result is a collection of truly magnificent songs!

‘The new blood’ sounds like a new age version of New Order. The track races through with great energy, with a gritty atmosphere buried beneath taking you though dark and cold street corners where the lights are all broken. ‘Suburban Depression’ is perhaps the most apt song title around in terms of describing how the song sounds. The music is dark and eerie, dragging you along feeling the grim, dreary outlook. The fantastic vocals both add the narrative to match the soundtrack and provide immense feeling in every syllable.

‘Onto us’ brings in an amazing mix of Faith and Unknown Pleasures. The music has an energetic pace to it while also having a distant and bleak industrial atmosphere. ‘Under bright neon stars’ acts as a kind of light at the end of the tunnel, bringing in a sweet and lighter poppy sound, sounding like The Cure’s brighter poppy moments driven along with a Robert Smith-esq lead guitar.

The EP closes with the racy ‘Skyline/Decay’. The faint vocals combined with the echoing sounds create a dark foggy atmosphere like you are wondering through a forest in the middle of winter.

This is a truly fantastic EP. All manner of emotions, vivid imagery, and atmosphere is felt across the tracks.

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