Sydney quintet Oh/Villain have just released their second single ‘Preacher’ from their forth coming EP Pilots, due for release on 30 June. Tomatrax slided a page of questions under a door and got the following responses!

How did the band form?

Oh/Villain formed about halfway through 2012. It began as the result of an old band falling apart and a few of the members decided it was time for a fresh start. We spent quite a while changing and developing our sound as well as going through quite an extensive line-up change. However, that has led us to the Oh/Villain that everyone is about to get very familiar with.

Where did the name Oh/Villain come from?

Our old guitarist had a tumblr and we based it off that tumblr name.

You have a new EP coming out soon, how will it compare with your previous work?

Pretty much the same instrumentation, but we’ve grown up a little bit and the stories in the songs have a little more depth I guess.

Where did the title Pilot come from?

We all watch a lot of TV shows and the pilot is the first episode of a series. Pilot pretty much means that we’re still finding our footing and we wanna know how the audience will react to us as well

What made you pick ‘Heartless’ as the EP’s single?

Bangin’ chorus, sxc breakdown, healthy dose of post hardcore

You also have a cadre of new music that will see the light of day in the coming months, can you shed some light on this music?

I like to think it’s good music. Some juicy stories that we hope people can relate to and resonate with.

When writing what comes first, the words or the music?

It all depends, but the end result is that of all our songs must have a good story

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Yeah sometimes

What other music do you listen to?

Elliott Smith, The Platters, George Harrison, Gorrilaz, Slint, Lewis Del Mar, Tom Misch, Lido

What do you have planned after your EP is released?

Give people an opportunity to hear our EP live and perform to the best of our ability. We’ll also be living life and write about living life.

Check out Oh/Villian’s Facebook page to find out more!