Brisbane’s Kings have put out a collection of fast and intense songs that brutally attack the ears, taking on some softer moments before launching into the next barrage. In addition to the vivid and electrifying guitars, the drumming here is right on point and forces the intensity up several notches!

The opening track, ‘Stand up’ is a great metal tune that melds the heavy and soft moments effortlessly. The track takes off with barrage of deep dry lung growls contrasted by a soft and calm atmospheric soundtrack, which allows the angry growls to feel even angrier. On top of this the tight drumming adds an extra burst of energy to the mix.

‘Sone cold’ is a solid mix of metal and heavy indie rock. The music races past pumping out energetic riffs full of power and intencity!
‘What flag are you flying’ is a fast and furious piece full of passion and backed with an intense atmosphere.

The title track, a three minute instrumental, explores some interesting ambient sounds, reminiscent of Good Whether for an Airstrike.

‘Lionheart’ is a massive assault in sound. The intense heavy growls mixed with the blistering guitars could knock any door down! The softer choruses give a brief reprieve before the next attack.

The album closes with the emotionally charged ballad ‘Saved’.

This is a great collection of hard hitting tracks with each offering putting out a great blend of fast and intense blasts of metal and contrasting softer atmospheric vibes.

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