After the longest wait between albums in their 18-year career Dappled Cities return with their fifth full-length album ||||| (pronounced FIVE) – recorded and produced by Luke Bertoz and the band themselves. Tomatrax caught up with Tim Derricourt to ask a few questions.

You’re about to release your fifth studio album, how will it compare with your previous releases?

It’s less brash and in your face, in a way. We wanted to make something quietly beautiful and chill. That said, you’ll still hear some of our classic guitar and key sounds. But in a much clearer way.

It’s been 5 years since your last release, what have you been up to over this time?

Life and music, as always. Dave and I released some solo work (Dave under Light Pressure and me with Swimwear). But in truth we just took our time with the record. We sat with the songs, revisited them and felt no rush to put them out.

What made you decide to name the album based on the number of albums you’ve released?

Pride really. We felt a real sense of achievement here having made it this far. But there are other nice links – five members in the band, five years since the last record, five left ears. You know.

Is there any plans to title the next album Six and release it on 6 June in a future year?

You know what? Sure! I love a challenge. We are actually already planning for a January recording of album number 6.

What was the inspiration behind the video for ‘Stone men’?

We wanted something which focused on a single person with a singular quality. We also wanted to feature a charismatic yet troubled man as the focus – it’s nice to feature a different looking face too.

You’ll be playing a few shows around the country in support of your album, what can fans expect from your shows?

Lots of new material. The vivid show in particular will be a lighting extravaganza. If any fans have ever considered flying out and seeing us in Sydney, this is the one. It’s gonna be glorious! And for all shows we’re smashing out the layered vocal harmonies. It’s gonna be three-part heaven!

You were previously known as Dappled Cities Fly, why did you drop “fly” from the name?

Ha! I think the answer to that one has long been lost. We’ll probably bring it back for the next record. We did subtly suggest it with the new album: DC F(ive)

Do you ever listen to your own music?

No. I listen to it obsessively while I write, record and mix and then also play it over and over again just before it comes out. And then. Gone. I don’t want the hear it. I like what the songs become live though.

What music do you listen to?

A tonne of stuff. Flying Lotus is always being played at some point during the week. I throw on a Beach House record almost every week – it blisses me out. I’ve been loving Jim James’ new record – a real attack or questioning of what is happening in American politics. And I love this record by a Melbourne guy called Gregor. Don’t know who the hell he is but it’s slow, washed out guitar stuff. Real nice.

What do you have planned after your upcoming shows?
Funnily enough, we’re desperate to make a new record. We liked how long this one took, but we’ve got the buzz now. At the moment, we’re thinking ambient Philip Glass meets James Taylor.

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