Album number four from Sydney’s ARIA-nominated prog-rock outfit shows once and for all that a lead singer is merely an optional extra to a band. Each track on offer paints a vibrant moving soundscape! The music takes off on various epic journeys covering the extreme heavy and soft elements of prog rock and everything in between, while moving from one point to the next in a seamless transition.

The album opens with the spacey Pink Floyd-esq 90 second introduction ‘Our days were polar’. ‘Worlds away’ blasts in next with a massive Devin Townsend vibe with an electrifying guitar backed by a thick soundscape. The music goes on an epic journey through weird and wonderful lands with the sound flowing from loud metal thrashes to calm ambience seamlessly. ‘To light and / then return’ is an energetic tune fusing elements of shoegaze and 80s hair metal.
‘Tundra’ sounds like a heavy metal reinterpretation of ‘Tubular Bells’. There are all sorts of interesting sounds explored, all delivered in a loud, energetic and powerful manner.

‘The edge of everything” is an epic perpetually evolving jam that works its way around metal, garage rock, and spacey prog rock. There is an amazing vivid atmosphere achieved as the song jets off through space. The title track is something of a contrast to the previous songs. Driven by a soft piano it takes on a lighter new age feel reminiscent of Mike Oldfield. ‘Midnight sun’ is the albums “poppy” tune, bouncing about in a fast and catchy manner. ‘Glacial’ follows in contrast, armed with loud grungy guitar distortion providing a heavy kind of ambience. The album closes with the 10 minute surfy sounds of ‘hailstones’ creating a kind of bright ending to the journey.

This is an absolutely amazing record that is action packed with amazing sounds and atmosphere! If you can’t stand the sound of singing this album is for you! If you think vocals are necessary in music this album will change your mind!


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