This is the second EP from London born and bred singer songwriter Melanie Crew. The EP picks up where Ms Crew left off on her debut, offering 6 beautiful and laid back alt folk songs. There is a great relaxed vibe achieved through the soft, slow, and slick sounds. Melanie’s soft yet clear vocals add to the chilled vibe.

Gradually fading in, ‘Bring you back’ is a soft and heart felt pop tune. The simple music allows for the lyrics and beautifully sincere vocals to shine through nicely. ‘Parade’ is a sweet striped back tune consisting of vocals and an acoustic guitar offering a subtle sountry twist. ‘Ghost’ is a darker affair, proving a chilly soundscape. Melanie’s vocals take a meloncholic turn here further adding to the haunting gloomy vibe. ‘A hundread words’ starts out in a hazy, almost shoegazy, manner before picking up the tempo and taking on a faster poppy feel. There are some rich textures working their way through the sound creating a colourful yet relaxed atmosphere. ‘All that I want’ is a stripped back and bare tune, the simple acoustic guitar allowing the meloncholic lyrics and heartfelt vocals to shine through. The EP closes with the subtly more earthy sounds of ‘Can’t find a way’.

This is yet another lovely collection of songs filled with colourful sounds and finished off with beautiful heartfelt vocals.

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