Following up from their self titled debut of last year, London psych outfit Teen Brains will be releasing their new EP ‘Translucent’ this September. The EP finds a good balance between blasting fuzzy noises that drown the room and catchy pop riffs. The four tracks  create An epic atmospheric journey with some nice kinks along the way.

‘In a haze’ has all the makings of a classic shoegazer tune, beginning in an industrial ian/drone manner, the distorted guitars soon flow in to create a loud hazy atmosphere that is complemented by the laid back and echoing vocals. ‘Isolation’ sees the temp drop a little and takes on a deeper darker feel with a faint surfy vibe floating by. The echoing sounds creating an enticing and hypnotic atmosphere that lulls you in driftily. ‘Wash away’ sounds like Ride crossed with the Shadows. The surfy vibes take on a bigger presence creating a great hazy atmosphere.

The EP closes with the slow and somber sounds of ‘Translucent’. The slow burning energy allows the song to reach great emotion heights finishing the EP off on a great hazy high!

This is an epic EP with all four tracks providing their own special spacey shoegazer journey! There is an abundance of atmosphere felt from start to finish creating a great hazy experience.


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