The Olympics are now over so here is the final instalment of the Tomatrax Olympics. As the marathon is held on the final day, this final category will focus on the really long songs. Songs on the list range from 15 to 60 minutes and if you played all 20 songs back to back it would go for just under 8 and a half hours.


20th place
Lindstrom – Where you go I go too

19th place
Klaus Schulze – Sebastian im Traum

18th place
Can – Spoon

17th place
Tangerine Dream – Force Majore

16th place
Godspeed you black emperor – sleep

15th place
Magma – Rïah Sahïltaahk

14th place
Yes – close to the edge

13th place
Nick Cave and the bad seeds – baby I’m on fire

12th place
Mars Volta – Tetragrammaton

11th place
Porcupine Tree – Moonloop

10th place
The Necks – Sex

9th place
Gavin Brytrs – Jesus blood never failed me

8th place
Sonic Youth – The diamond sea (album version)

7th place
Mike Oldfield – Amorok

6th place
Fantomas – Delirivm Cordia

5th place
Miles Davis – Bitches brew

4th place
Kraftwerk – Autobahn

Bronze Medal
Fela Kuti – No agreement

Silver Medal
Opeth – Black rose immortal

Gold Medal
Pink Floyd – Echoes