Continuing on from last week’s instumental songs’ category we are taking it one step further and looking at complete albums with no singing whatsoever. That’s right, for the second week in a row we are looking at music from around the world with no consideration for vocalists whatsoever!


20th place
Crisopa – Biodance

19th Place
Damian Anache – Capturas del Unico Camino

18th place
Kate Carr and Gail Priest – Green Blue

17th place
Yuco – I’m living with melancholy in the fog

16th place
Tommy Emanuel – The Journey

15th place
The Necks – Chemist

14th place
Apollictica – Inquisition Symphony

13th place
Dirty Three – Ocean Songs


12th place
Roger O’Donnell and Julia Kent – Love and other tragedies


11th place
HC-B – Rough

10th place
Good Weather for an Airstrike – Underneath the stars

9th place
Explosions in the sky – the Earth is not a cold dead place

8th place
Godspeed! You black emperor – F#A#

7th place
Klaus Schulze – X

6th place
John Coltrane – A love supreme


5th place
Brian Eno – Ambient 1

4th place
The Shadows – The Shadows

Bronze medal
Miles Davis – Kind of blue

Silver medal
Mike Oldfield – Hergest Ridge

Gold medal
Tangerine Dream – Rubycon