Twelve months after his first album with his new band the Prospectors, Chris Cavill has returned with a new EP! There is a great mix of hard rock, country, and folk elements creating sounds that are electrifying and energetic while also having a deep regional atmosphere to them.

‘Something for nothing’ is a blasting country rock tune. Roaring along with a massive sound and a heap of grunt, the raw sounds make you feel like you are out in a smokey bar in the middle of nowhere.


‘All that you got’ continues in a similar vein, rocking along with a slightly crisper sound.

‘Learning’ sees the sound slow down and take on a more laid back ballad feel. The music rolls along in a soft and placid manner allowing for Chris’s vocals to shine through.

‘The woman in you’ is a sombre blusey ballad. The music slowly moves along with a dark and melancholic soundscape being painted. As the track progresses it gradually builds in energy, roaring along in a slow burning fashion courtesy of some powerful guitar riffs that manage to be heavy yet subdued at the same time.

The EP closes with the calm rural/earthy sounds of ‘Undone/free falling’ that sways into a chilled out Tom Petty cover version.

This is s solid EP that sees Chris Cavill and the Prospectors continue to charge on with their own brand of electrifying country rock!

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