Melbourne country alt-rocker Sean McMahon and his Moonmen have returned with another albums worth of rocking tunes that will take you on an epic journey through the country!

There is a great country vibe explored across the tracks. It feels almost like you are traveling around some sleepy country towns and slowly observing the dusty surroundings. In post parts the songs are quite chilled out providing a thick sleepy atmosphere. This is all topped off by the light but energetic rocking sounds that gives the music a raw edge.

‘House of mirrors’ is a dusty country rock and roll tune. The guitars blast through in a calm and collected manner to paint a hazy atmosphere.

‘Broken Hill’ takes things to an even more relaxed place. The music moves along in a slow and chilled pace making you feel like you are lounging around a sleepy outback town.

‘The Devil can’t see’ is a more aggressive tune. There is a massive sound as the guitars roar along, complemented with a gravelly vocal delivery to complete the rugged sound.

‘Further still to run’ is the most speedy tune. Moving along at good pace it feels like you are traveling on a long road trip as morning breaks.

‘Holiday from my dreams’ is the heaviest and most rocking track, blasting out from the work go and thumping along all the way it work as a great pub rock sing a long. The raw and rough sounds of the title track close the album ensuring it ends with a great bang!

This is a great collection of songs. There is great feeling coming out of the songs, with a great atmosphere that will take you somewhere far away!

Check out Sean McMahon and the Moonmen’s website to find out more!