This is part one of a trilogy of EPs to come from Brisbane’s indie pop sensation Babaganouj. Once again Babaganouj bring out the golden grungy/no wave sound reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr or Belly. There is a great mix of upbeat and catchy pop sounds and atmospheric grungy undertones, making each song utterly irresistible!

‘Do rite by me tonite’ is a rocking pop tune sounding somewhere between The Superjesus and Screamfeeder. The massive sound provides a great energetic atmosphere. The duel vocals further add to the charisma with the right amount of charm and emotion applied!

‘A while’ is a bright and catchy indie tune reminiscent of anything Tanya Donelly ever did. There is a great rocking energy exerted from the work go. At the same time the sweet and pretty vocals combined with the perky backing vocals gives the song immeasurable charm.

‘Would you like me’ has a more melancholic vibe sounding a little like the 90s Cure crossed with the Breeders. The ghostly sound effects provide a deep atmosphere that allows you to drift off.

The EP closes with the stripped back indie folk tune ‘Dunno what to say’. There is some great awkward emotion explored along the way reminiscent of The Lemonheads or Beck that gives the song a nice genuine charm.

Babaganouj continue to go from strength to strength, achieving the perfect balance between sweet poppy tunes and grungy atmosphere to create music that is irresistibly adorable! The best thing is there are another two EPs to come out this year!

Check out Babaganouj’s website to find out more!