After carful analysis, the Tomatrax end of year music lists have been put together for 2015.

This was the hardest year yet with a massive volume of great music coming out this year. Narrowing the list of EPs to 10 was a hard task with many great releases sadly missing out! However, here are the 10 EPs that made the cut, along with streams of the releases so you can listen to every song of each EP!

Number Ten

Tony Volker – Break & Reshape

Number Nine

The Thons – Hot Fun

Number Eight

New Politicians – Remissions

Number Seven

Ummagma – Frequency

Number Six

Coffin Carousel – Fiend

Number Five

Mecha Mecha – Something out of nothing

Number Four

Red Forest – 13.10.16

Number Three

Chanel Samson – The begining

Number Two

Postcode – Year of the zebra part 2

Number One

Wren – Raw