Fresh from performing at Canadian Music Week, and LA-based songwriting game show Top Tune, New Zealand-born, Melbourne based singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist has returned with another EP worth of new music. Tomatrax caught up with Lisa to talk about her recent musical adventures!

You’ve just released your latest EP, what’s it like to have it out?

I hadn’t released anything since moving to Melbourne in 2014, so it feels great to have something new out. I’m really happy with the tunes!

What made you pick Up In The Air as the title track?

It’s probably my favourite off the EP and people commented they really liked the song live. I feel like it’s a good representation of my new material and the title seemed relevant to my last year or two!

What was it like to work with Ryan Ritchie on the EP?

Working with Ryan was great, he was good with helping me develop the songs to their best potential, and is very talented with sounds, beats and arrangements etc.

You’ve just began a tour round Australia, what can fans expect from your shows?

I’m doing a mix of solo and band shows – all including witty/awkward banter, great songs and the ability to pull of a medley of any three songs the punters choose.

You’ve also toured round the USA and Canada, how does playing overseas compare with playing in Australia?

I felt pretty well received in both the USA and Canada. I had some really nice comments and it was exciting playing somewhere new, but the majority of my shows in Australia have been really great too…I think the Americans may have found my NZ accent a little more endearing than the Australians!

Earlier this year you played at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, how did that come about?

I applied to perform via their website and was accepted. The hard part was raising the funds to get there!

What was it like to compete on the LA-based songwriting game show Top Tune?

I got a strange virus the night before in LA and had to go to hospital. I had no sleep and went straight there feeling awful. I was so excited about this gig and some of my favourite comedians and songwriters were on the judging panel. My arms were swollen and much larger than usual (!) It was being filmed. I was going to have to cancel but decided to just give it my best. On the show you’re partnered up with another artist to write a song 17 minutes, and we ended up taking out the #1 spot – I couldn’t believe it!

Will the song you wrote on the show be released?

Probably not, the songwriter I worked with (Anthony Starbule) is now on the other side of the country and we didn’t get the chance to discuss it, but no doubt will write something together in the future.

What was it like to tour with Paul Weller?

Absolutely fantastic. The band were great fun and it was in honour to open for such a legend. The audience were 99% English blokes so my awkward ‘The Office-esque’ banter fitted in well.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Yes. Not often, sometimes to reflect on what I like and what I’d improve in the future, and sometimes just to remember how the older songs go!

What other music do you listen to?

A lot of 60’s music, soul music, folk music, 90’s pop, occasionally classical music, and a lot of community radio stations.

What do you have planned in 2016?

I’m starting the year off with a January residency at Dogs Bar in St Kilda, and also a concert with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra performing some of my songs which will be real treat. Other plans are writing and recording lots of new songs, gigs around Australia and another trip to the States and the UK.

Check out Lisa Crawley’s website to find out more!