Maff are a four piece outfit from Chille. The band have just released their debut, self-titled EP, showing off their own brand of shoegaze rock and gaining a heap of critical acclaim as a result. Tomatrax caught up with Ricardo Gomez and Gonzalo Correa to discuss the band’s music.

How did the band form?

Maff started in 2012. Ricardo Gomez (vocal / guitar / bass) & Nicolas Colombres (drums) founded the band; they are friends from childhood and have a background together playing in punk rock bands.
Both composed, recorded and produced our first “EP” in our own studio (“The Lab”). The fact that we had our own studio gave us the liberty and the time to experiment and really discover the sound we wanted. The EP was mixed and mastered in Fat Master Studio in Santo Domingo, Chile.
Martin Colombes, Nicolas younger brother, participated in some recording sessions during 2013 and he is now are lead guitar.
Gonzalo Correa joined Maff in February 2015, he was the result of a long search of a guitarist that could understand and could reproduce the sound we discovered live.

Where did the name Maff come from?

Maff´s name is a combination of:
1.- A tribute to the “big muff” effect pedal (that is present in the signal chain of all of our bandmates)
2-. The changed “U” for an “A” represents a triangle that stands for harmony, divinity and proportion (elements that are present when it comes to our composition).

You’ve just released your debut EP, what’s it like to have it out?

Exciting and heartwarming. It´s very interesting to have people all over the world hearing your music. We love to read all the reviews (from independent bloggers to important magazaines or radios), everyone has their opinion, we are very grateful for the time, and interest people share on our work.

What made you decide to make the EP self titled?

Less is more. We wanted to be direct.

The music melds in various musical styles, was it hard to get the various elements to fit together?

Not quite. Although we work through various genres (post rock, shoegaze, noise pop, indie rock) there is pattern in our sound that is common in all our songs.

Is it hard to transfer the studio sound into the live show?

Not at all. It´s all about discipline and using the write equipment. If you understand your sound, this comes natural.

You were quoted as saying “Maff is about serving music that liberates us from all our prior misconceptions”. What were the misconceptions and do you feel you have liberated yourself from them through making this EP?

This is about the process of writing songs and creating music. We no longer struggle when it comes to making songs; it is not an objective or rational process. We learned to create music with free and clear minds so we can find the right elements to process the sound that we have in our head.

This EP is just the beginning; it opened our minds for what it is to come.

Given you’re from Chile, why do you sing in English?

English is a global language. We want our music to reach everyone / anywhere.

What’s the music scene like in Santiago?

The is a powerfull alternative scene that is growing in Santiago. You would be surprised with all the talented bands and musicians that this city is cultivating. It´s very exciting and thrilling to be part of it.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Of course. Although between rehearsals and life shows, sometime it’s too much Maff (you get the picture). Mainly we use our spare time to listen to other bands.

What other music do you listen to?

The Beatles, The Clash, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Malka, Yo la Tengo, Ummagma, Editors, Sigur Ros, Sounds of Sputnik, Interpol…..the list is huge.

Now that the EP is out, what do you plan to do next?

During 2015 we are focused in playing our EP live. In parallel we are working in some new songs; we plan to have our next work out the first months of 2016

Check out Maff’s website to find out more!