This is the debut album from Shark Tape are a three piece rock band from Philadelphia. The album sees the band draw elements from all corners of rock and roll with everything from Cheap Trick to the Smiths finding its way into the mix, all held together with the band’s unique twist.

The album opens with the Brit-pop / Rock inspired ‘Bronco’. The tune races past with great fury and energy. The tight and slick set gives the song a catchy edge.

The title track brings in a slower ball of hazy rock. There is a hint of cheesiness as the band explore elements of Cheap Trick, giving the song an interesting twist.

The cheesiness amplifies in the form of ‘River runs deep’ which takes on a soft but catchy sound.
‘Long time coming’ takes things back to the hazy indie rock style with slow noisy guitars. ‘Smell of sirens’ has an indie-pop vibe to it reminiscent of the Teenage Fan Club. The sweet yet melancholic tunes prove to be an infectious ear bender that draws you in. ‘Neverlast’ is a soft yet noisy shoegaze offering. The music flows through to create an all encapsulating haze.

‘Silly thing’ is a major highlight to the album, sounding like Ride crossed with the Smiths the song achieves a massive shoegazey atmosphere on top of the strong meloncholic tunes. The album closes with the emotionally moving ‘I’m dying to know’. The feeling of desperation and anxiety is poured through the music and more so though the vocals, giving the album a strong, if not happy, finish!

This is quite a solid debut release that shows off many styles and pulls them all off well. If you need a nostalgic fix for various sounds from the 90s all at once, this album will provide your fix!


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