The Vernons have just released their latest single, I want her back at home, and are working on their third EP. The band have just done a couple of shows in Sydney and will be back in Queensland next week after Byron Bay this weekend. Tomatrax caught up with from James Nikko from the band to ask a few questions.

What made you pick I want her back at home as your latest single?
We always used to slave over the decision making process for singles. We never know how it’s going to be received or if it’s going to dilute a certain image or sound and blah blah. Now, the thought process is, if it’s a good song, it gets released. And this is one we could all agree was a song we liked.

The song is quite a contrast from your usual heavy sound, what was the inspiration behind this different musical direction?
It’s certainly more subdued, but we wouldn’t say it’s the introduction to a different musical direction. More a glimpse at our variety. We don’t want to be pigeonholed into a certain genre, more, play different varieties within one. Two guitars, bass drums and vocals. A lot of great music can still be achieved with these basic elements.

Was the song written about anyone in particular?
A beautiful, intelligent and hard working girl. In this case, life got the better of us.

What was the inspiration behind the video clip for I want her back at home?
To portray the best and worst phases of a relationship. We were trying to convey the longing and difficulty mixed with the super charged emotion of the characters. Its a bizarre situation where theres so much turmoil mixed with so much happiness, and we hope we did it justice.

You will be playing gigs round Queensland this month, what can fans expect from your shows?
A really good time. Lots of dancing, lots of singing, lots of drinking and a shit load of smiles! We also have some new tunes integrated so can not wait to play!

You’re working on a new EP for release later this year, how has that been going?
We love writing and recording. The studio is a place we used to dream of when we were kids. The mixing console and the glass with the microphone and the fluffy thing on it. Its so great to be able to do that.

How will be EP compare to your previous releases?
We’re really happy with where our sound is heading at the moment. We’ve reduced a lot of production and are trying to produce a more natural, live sound but keep the energy and the emotion.

Will the EP be titled Volume III to continue the series?
Thats still up for debate. What do you guys reckon? Any opinions on the subject can be sent to

What was it like to play at the Big Day Out festival last year?
Big Day Out was a great experience. People were really receptive to our show. But, the Alabama Shakes, Gary Clark Jr. were simply unbelievable!

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Haha. Not really. By the time we’ve done recording these songs, we’re listening to new demos. Our mates put them on at all our parties, so, I suppose, yes, but rarely once released.

What music do you listen to?
A pretty big variety of music. At the moment, The Tallest Man On Earth is filling my eardrums. That guy is shit hot. But of course the classics. Bob Dylan, Creedence, The Stones, Howling’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker just to name a few.

Where did the name The Vernons come from?
Its the name of our boss on GAP Year. He was such an interesting bloke. Really tough at work but also the biggest lad on the beers. An enigma in a way. Like we like to be!

The Vernons are currently on their Live along the coast tour, dates and venues are listed below. Check out the Vernon’s website to find out more!