Just under two years ago UK ambient artists Oathless (aka Simon Housley) & and Good Weather for an Airstrike (aka Tom Honey) joined forces to produce a collaborative EP entitled Sol. Fellow electronic artist Inachus (aka Rob Honey aka Tom Honey’s brother) has remixed the entire EP to produce Puesta Del Sol. A remix EP is always met with scepticism from me as so often the remixes either have little to no difference from the original or they have been remixed to the point that the emotion and creativity that made the original special is lost. There are of course exceptions to this and this EP is one! Inachus has put their special mark, making the songs sound even more relaxed than before with a more spacey new-age twist to the originals.

The remix of Your child races towards you has a soft earthy atmosphere like slowly wondering around a lake at sun rise. The music drifts along glacially allowing the vibes and surroundings to be gradually absorbed and felt with no feeling of rush.

Through the Iris continues the ambient vibes with a spacey new age feeling flowing into the sound. The various elements going off together create a dreamy soundscape that is intriguing while also providing a sense of comfort and relaxation. What are you doing, Lyla consists in most parts of a gentle, repetitive tapping beat. As the ambience sounds begin to build around it, this creates a certain hypnotic power that will get you into a trance that allows the other elements to slowly take you away to another dimension. The remix of Ometra is even more chilled out and ambient than the original while also achieving a bigger and fuller sound. The rich soundscape is pushed up front with an abundance of colour and vibrance to create something that is moving and beautiful! The EP closes with a more mellow, trip-hoppy reinvention of Fragrance.

This is a fantastic EP that is exactly how remixes should sound. Each remix provides a new interpretation of its original while also allowing the feeling of the originals to come through.

Check out the album’s bandcamp page to find out more!