This is the debut album from Argentine experimental composer Damián Anache. On offer are four tracks, or landscapes, each going for around 14 minutes.

Mr Anache has taken a rather unique approach to making the music for this album. He has collected a mix of self recorded samples including acoustic instruments, and vocals, along side field recordings and synth sounds. These are then put together using and presented interpretative algorithm.

Paisaje primero (the first landscape) sees a mix of pianos, violins, and other random instruments. There is a unique and create use of sound and silence as the various elements play around and then hide away. This creates an interest experience where there is a certain laid back vibe while at the same time there is great unpredictability of the song’s direction.

Paisaje Propio (own landscape) sees various vibes flow in to fill the spaces. The clever use of vocals creates an eerie atmosphere sounding like a Gregorian chant.

Paisaje Artificial (artificial landscape) explores a more industrial scenery with harsh drone sounds.

Finally Paisaje Natural (natural landscape) consists entirely of sounds of flowing water. Flowing along between fast and slow water moving along creates amazing imagery, making you feel like you are in the middle of a river drifting away! This creates a nice, relaxing end to the record!

This is a brave and ambitious record that really pushes the boundaries of how music can be made. Each track takes a different and unpredictable direction with vivid soundscapes being explored along the way.


Check out the album’s Microsite to find out more!