Following a series of critically acclaimed EPs and a series of shows around the world, Melbourne’s Eliza Hull has put out her debut full length album. Tomatrax caught up with Eliza to ask a few questions.

What’s it like to have your debut album out?

A relief. I am happy that people are listening to it and feeling it! I gave the album a lot of love so I guess it is only natural to feel this way when it is out in the world. I am so excited to be able to move on from it and write more for another release.

Was it hard to pick what made it on the album?

No, not really. My producer Hayden Calnin helped me with that process and I trust him. There was one song that was finished and was going to be on the album but I had to go with my gut on that and so I didn’t include it. It was too different from the rest.

What was the inspiration behind the album’s front cover?
I worked with an amazing illustrator Mari Frith Adams, I really just gave her different key words and she worked from that and created something special and unique.

What was the inspiration behind the video for Used to?
The song is about nostalgia and lost youth, the video is a time warp, it was directed – and produced and edited too – by Nicole May. When you watch it you’ll notice how it looks like the singers move slower than the rest of the world. “The track evokes a feeling of dislocation with one’s world, one’s relationship and one’s self,” says Nicole. “By playing with the speed of the footage I aimed to capture a nostalgic moment trapped in a world moving by too fast.”

You also became a mother, has this had any impact on the way you write music?
I have written anything as yet, but I look forward to see how in influences me. Of course it will!

Have you played your music do your daughter?
Yes – It must be familiar to her because I recorded it and listened to it a lot when she was in the womb.

You announced that you will be playing a cover of Tear Drop by Massive Attack at your album launch, what made you choose to perform this song?
It is a beautiful song. I have always loved it. It is gentle yet fierce all at once.

Will you be releasing a version of the song?
Now that is a thought. Maybe!!

What else can fans expect from your launch?
I will be playing my album in full, will have a full band and some surprise guests.

You’ve realised your dreams of having your music on TV and film, do you have any other main goals or dreams for your music?
I just want to keep writing, I could see myself doing a writing residency somewhere overseas, that would be amazing.

You played in Istanbul last year, what was that like?
Surreal! Especially when a whole crowd of non english speakers were singing along!! A dream come true.

Now that the album is out what do you plan on doing next?
I just want to lock myself in my house this winter, go for walks, think, look after my daughter and write lots!!!!

Check out Eliza Hull’s webpage to find out more!