Sydney DJ Anomie’s debut album covers a wide range of styles and sounds covering hip-hop, trip-hop, and all manner of dance and electronica. On top of this each track works as a heavily atmospheric journey full of passion and confronting, thought proving themes!

Gizapower is a curious hip-hop / electronic instrumental. There is a strong and energetic beat mixed with a wavey synth backdrop that makes you feel like you’re going round and round on a merry go round.
Morning Glory is a smooth chilled out electronic piece. There is a mix of all kinds of sounds and samples with all of them melding together beautifully to create so something quite interesting and unusual while also being very relaxing.
Desert Harpies takes the chilled out vibe even further with some pleasant soulful sounds flowing alongside a spacey atmosphere.
Rise Up is a confronting heavy rap tune featuring MC Shamick on vocals. MC Shamick’s tight and thought provoking lyrics give the song great power. This is backed up brilliantly with a heavy industrial soundtrack.

Chapultepec Revenge is a dark chilling tune. There are all sorts of eerie samples held together by a spooky industrial backdrop making you feel like you are wondering an industrial wasteland in the middle of the night.

First world problems is a slow but energetic hip-hop / electronic tune. There is a heap of energy driven by a tight beats and curious distortion samples throughout. The result is a deep dark and eerie tune that drags you along for the ride. The various voice samples further add to the intensity of the track and give it an extra layer of atmosphere!

Knife’s edge is a chilling trip-hop tune in the vein of Tricky or Massive Attack. The emotion is enhanced by some thought provoking lyrics delivered by Billie Rose!

This is a brilliant collection of songs. The wide variety of sounds and styles keeps you guessing the whole way though creating a eclectic journey full of energy and atmosphere.

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