Following a handful of critically acclaimed singles, Sydney’s three piece the Dead Love have put out their long awaited debut album. The band has had many rock labels thrown their way from punk to grunge and even surf rock. It’s not hard to see why as the band cover a lot of ground here as they dabble in various styles often infusing a few together while they’re at it. The band certainly rock out over the course of the album with a heap of grunt and energy.

The album opens with the band’s debut single This is a war. This shows off he bands great ability to thrash out a top shelf Aussie rock anthem!

Back to you is a great retro 70s style rock tune. The riffs exert great power while the electrifying solo towards the end further adds to the energy and fun of the tune.

Wasted Youth has an indie vibe to it reminiscent of the Doves with some bursts of loud punk rock making their way through.

The Desert Sun interesting mix of stoner and punk rock. There is some great atmosphere courtesy of the haunting guitars, further enhanced by the soft whispered vocals. As the track progressed some electronica creeps in to add another layer to the soundscape. The various elements work well together to create the empty desert like feel that takes you away and leaves you stranded!

Zombie ghost town has a chilly menacing vibe to it driven by deep heavy guitars. This creates a feeling of being lost in a dark desolate town. The heavy riffs and thumping drums provide some contrasting energy to get your head banging away!

The album closes with the slightly shoegazy and slightly surfy Oceans. The tight hazy vibes produce a beachy atmosphere.

This is a very promising debut release! Not wanting to be pinned down to any one style the band explore the various facets of rock to produce a varied collection of sounds. At the same time they are all held together with a great rock vibes the whole way through to result in something that is ultimately very energetic and fun to listen to!

Check out the band’s website to find out more!