Between Dusk and Dawn is collaborative release of two musicians from different countries, bc_ranger (also Endless Melancholy) from Ukraine and fydhws (also Sferi, Теми и Идеи etc.) from Macedonia. The tracks work together as a concept EP, starting at Dusk and going though the night until Dawn arrives. The four instrumental tracks take you on a vivid journey though the night with all sorts of musical exploration along the way.

The EP opens with the chilling sounds of Dusk. The music moves slowly with various sound effects coming in and out. There is a massive surrounding atmosphere to make you feel like you are traveling down a deserted highway as the sun is going and and darkness approaches. The Northern Lights sees the music become calmer and chilled out with gentle spacey vibes drifting through. The Night Lullaby continues the spacey and chilled vibe while also taking on a more ambient feel. As the song progresses a gentle piano floats in while backed with some Pink Floyd-esq electronic sounds. The EP closes with Dawn. The bass drum sounds combines with the bright synth sounds provide a vivid feeling of the sun slowly rising from the dark.

This is an absolutely beautiful collection of songs. Each track explores all manner of soundcapes and atmosphere with the four fitting together to create a great overnight journey!


Check out the album’s bandcamp page to find out more!