[ME] are back with another EP. Once again they show off their own brand of charming, poppy and at times dramatic indie rock!

The EP opens with the aptly titled Rock and roll dandy, a charming Beatles-esq pop rock tune. The tunes are infectiously catchy and fueled with bright and colourful notes. Inset voice here is a slightly darker affair. There’s a mix of slow melancholy moments and more energetic blasts sounding like the Beatles crossed with Muse. Dutch Medicine is a stripped back tune with a  subtle spacey background. The duel vocals are really effective and give the song a powerfully chilling feel. Slow children run is a more rocking and energetic affair reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand’s louder moments. Westward Backwards is a dramatic anthem with a massive sound mixing some Madness style verses and a heavy rocking sing-a-long chorus. The EP closes with Like a fox. The song mixes heavy rock and catchy Brit-pop elements to great effect ensuring the EP ends with as much dramatic flair as it began with.

This is a wonderful collection of delightfully catchy tunes infused with heavy bursts of energy while maintaining great charm the whole way! The band are clearly having a lot of fun in performing the music and put a lot of passion and energy into their sound resulting in a very vibrant EP!


Check out the band’s website to find out more!