Brisbane rock band Port Royal have put in the hard yards and made a name for themselves through honing their craft of live performance and sweating it out on stages all across the country.


How did the band form?
The band formed as a post highschool project with a passion for the optimism and energy of classic rock and roll music. A passion project that very quickly became something more when their first hometown gig hit its 150 person capacity.

Where did the name Port Royal come from?
Looking around a jam room and we were trying to find a name. There was a bunch of different items and objects lying around the place. You weren’t gonna call it the brand of the fan “Sunbeam” nor the brand of the TV “Panasonic”. I don’t smoke anymore but I used to love chuffin down a good ol’ Port Royal rollie and it was the first thing that made sense, when I saw it.

You’ve just released your third single of the year, are there any plans for an EP or LP release?
This year has been hectic for us. We’ve been recording in the background… not that there’s very much downtime but working on it. I have almost 15 new songs unreleased. Just culling them all down to get the best of the bunch ready for the new year. 

What was the inspiration behind the video for That’s how you want it to be?
We wanted to do something Brisbane, but also something relevant to our peers. The music video is a play on the lyrics of the song and tells the story of 2 lovers playing the tug of war with one another. It’s an artistic take on the social games we play between one another, trying to not be too ‘keen’ on one another.

You recently headlined at the Caloundra Music Festival, how did that go?
Wow what a gig. Probably one of the best everHuge response from a huge crowdFunny though, we were setting up as The Veronicas were playing over in the other tent and there was absolutely no one in front of us. I was shitting myself going ‘who designed these set times?’ but sooner rather than later the tent was full with what i’d say close to 1000 people. Total madness. One of the biggest highlights of the career for sure and a great opportunity to showcase lots of new songs. 

What was it like to take out 3rd spot in the Triple Z Hot 100?

A complete honour to rank on what is arguably the most important radio station to any Brisbane band. The atmosphere at the Hot 100 countdown was insane that year. There is something great going on up in the waters of Brisbane music. 

You’ve already received a fair bit of acclaim, does that make you feel any pressure going forward?

We’ve got heaps of work to do. I don’t think pressure is the right word but I definitely feel we’ve got a hell of a lot yet to prove and I think the best is yet to come. The only pressure is too keep writing and even that, that only stops when you choose to.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
Haha – only in the accompaniment of other people for the purposes of self promotion…

What music do you listen to?
I listen to a lot of old school stuff, ya know 60’s, 70’s classics. I love good pop, I don’t care what genre but anything catchy I’m always interested in. I love good hooks. Obviously my heart lies in guitar based blues influenced rock & roll. Anything similar to that of The Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Beatles, The Doors, Led Zep – tickets all the boxes for me. 

What do you have planned for 2020?
Huge year planned with more to come. We’re playing a number of big festivals to start off the year including St Kilda Fest in Vic early Feb. Lots more on the horizon with an EP in the back pocket – some of my best ever songs yet to come. Ya never know, you might even see a Royal escapade outside of Australia in 2020 – it’s all open to interpretation yet. 


Check out Port Royal’s Bandcamp page to find out more!