Melbourne pop powerhouse Clairy Browne is bursting into 2017 with her first Australian tour in 2 years. Tomatrax caught up with Clairy to ask a few questions.

You’re about to tour Australia for the first time in two years, what can fans expect from your show?

I wrote and released a new album last year so I’ll be touring that. I’ll be singing the songs from that record and introducing some new material to the live set also. I have to say my band is excellent ! These kids smash it. I have tried to create a charged live set with strong production. This record is about lavish summer pop, dope beats, sexy babes and poolside tequila. That’s the vibe. It’s also got a lot of heart, because I love emotional expression in my music. And you should expect PARTY.
What inspired you to pick ‘Pool’ as the title track for your latest album?

I was in LA at the time and it just seemed right. The music was very much inspired by my environment. Always feels like summer in California. The light, the water. I am in love with that place. ‘Pool’ is simple, straight away visual, evokes summer vibes. The song is a metaphor for casual chill sex without strings. Like, I’ll be cool for you, no dramas. It’s hot, let’s chill by the water and just have a good time.

The songs on the album cover themes across feminism, politics, and infidelity, where do you get the inspiration for your lyrics?

Life. Those are strong themes in my life. I think in current times it’s hard not to write about feminism and social politics, it’s kind of ingrained in my being. Even if I wanted to stay away from those topics they would inevitably leak out in what I create.
Love politics are also hard to avoid.
Yeah, I think my music becomes more and more self-exposing, but that’s part of the healing nature of it.
When writing what comes first, the words or the music?

I usually write with the melody first and that leads the concept or lyrics. But lately have been trying to switch up techniques to keep it fresh.
You enlisted UK DJ/production duo Rare Candy to add their house influences to ‘F.U.B.’, what’s it like to hear your work remixed?

Dope! I LOVE a club banger.

You previously played with The Bangin’ Rackettes, how does performing on your own compare with playing with a band?

I guess it’s just a different project. So different feelings are attached. At the moment I feel pretty excited and lucky to have the opportunity to share my work with an audience. Its liberating to create a solo path and beautiful to have people want to come share it with you.
It’s hard to compare the two because everything about both projects is so different, but I’d say the biggest difference is trusting your own artistry as its own thing, not comprised as an element of a group.

How does making music in Melbourne compare with making music in LA?

There is a certain energy about working in LA that i haven’t felt anywhere else before. I’m energy-centric so this for me was a huge win. I have made music in Melbourne, Nashville, Atlanta….
California has this beat and drive to it. The people I worked with were such high vibes and became like family. It was close knit and everyone is connected to other great creators. It just felt like a hotbed of creative energy in this breezy haze of summer.

What music do you listen to?

Future, Rihanna, D J Mustard, Frank Ocean, Robyn, Amine, Kanye, Drake, Anfa Rose, Bebe Rexha, Ariana Grande, Heaps of trap and hip hop, a bunch of EDM. Amongst other stuff!
What do you have planned after this upcoming tour?

I writing at the moment. I have a heap of new songs after taking a splash in the Pool, which was really about making a pop record that touched on quite a lot stylistically, I’m starting to define my sound. I’d love to share my new music with you all! I plan to head back over to the US and record some of this , of course playing live amongst that.



Wednesday 25 January – The Night Cat, Melbourne VIC
Support: Au Dre

Friday 17 February – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney NSW

Tuesday 21 February – Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide SA

Saturday 25 February – Grampians Music Festival, Halls Gap VIC

Clairy Browne’s solo album Pool is out now through Caroline Australia.

Check out Clairy Browne’s Facebook page to find out more!