Amo is the latest electronic project created by Yehiel H.  (Memory In Plant, Dag is a DJ, Syndrome). This is the first album from the project and it shows off all sorts of experimentation that really push the boundaries of music! There is a mix of show ambient sounds and fast and energetic rhythms. The two working in a strange way to create a calm atmosphere while thumping along at the same time. There seems to be every sound imaginable tucked in away somewhere in the music (except vocals) creating an intriguing journey with no dull moments!

The opener, ‘Autumn,’ sets the scene with intense and rather offbeat electronic sounds the music races by with 80s-esq disco sounds packed with energy. ’10CC’ has a calmer more ambient feel while also having a certain unnerving feel. There is a chilling industrial feel making you feel like you’re in a scene of Erasurehead. ‘Admond’ had a kind of bright feel to it with a poppy kind of energy flowing along to get you nodding away! ‘External’ is a dark and heavy offering sounding somewhere between Nine Inch Nails more experimental moments and Massive Attack and blasting out harsh industrial sounds. ‘No significant change’ has a curious intergalactic feel with the clanky robotic sounds making you feel like you are traveling though space in a well worn ship. ‘Welcome’ is a creepy offering that sounds like a fun fare at night where everything has turned evil. As the song progresses it evolves from being faint and chilling to being full on and violent! The album closes with the 24 second ‘Rumble’ that sees everything quickly spiral out of control before ending!
This is quite an uncanny experience. There is all manner of weird and wonderful sounds taking off in various directions and showing up vivid soundscapes and atmosphere! If you want to hear some really out there music then this is the album to listen to!

Check out Amo’s website to find out more!