Following on from her sensational debut, Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine has returned with another breathtaking long player!

In the vein of Alcest or Devin Townsend’s more atmospheric work the music creates an all encapsulating atmosphere that takes you away to somewhere very distant. It is very much the sort of album where, no matter where you are you can tune in and switch off the outside world and let the music take you off to lush if not sometimes unnerving dark forests full of beauty. There is a great mix of ambience and energy that gives the music special kind of life where the various elements fit together and flow into one another seamlessly.

‘Delusions’ is a 10 minute epic that travels through various stages in a slow but steady manner, beginning with a bare charismatic vocals the sounds gradually flow in to fill the gaps and take over.

As the music gently drifts off it is replaced with a metallic blast in the form of ‘Earthbound’. The song races by packed with heavy guitars and a dry growls for vocals while having a deep shoegazey backdrop.

‘A ghost trapped in limbo’ is the albums main showpiece. Combining metal riffs, an ambient atmosphere, and gorgeous passionate poppy vocals, Sylvaine creates something that is breathtakingly beautiful!

‘Saudade’ is a sombre and eerie piece with the deep sounds creating a vibe that is chilling and yet intriguing. As the song progresses the intensity builds with the guitars producing some amazing moving sounds!
‘In the wake of moments passed by’ is a curious prog-metal tune sounding like the lighter / more experimental moments of Metallica. With all manner of sounds floating by the track is full of colourful textures and powerful energy! This is topped off by the echoing screams that are buried just enough into the sound that they are clearly felt without overtaking the music.
‘Like a moth to the flame’ has an Opera-metal feel to it. The mix of soft yet strong vocals and meloncholic sounds creates a phenomenal piece that will let you drift further into the abyss.
The title track closes the album with a cold depth reminiscent of The Cure’s early work.

This is an utterly amazing album full of passionate sounds and heartfelt soundscapes. With each song going well past the 5 minute mark they are each able to be fully developed and realised with all the feeling to go with it!

This is what beauty sounds like!


Album will be out 13 May! Check out Sylviane’s website to find out more!