This is the first full length record from Chicago prog-rocker Constantine! The album sounds like what a soundtrack to a movie based on a Terry Prachett should sound like! There are elements of all the Pink Floyd eras across the songs, sometimes more than one at once, creating a great mix of psychedelic and spacey prog rock! On top of this, the combination of the flute and sitar create some colourfully beautiful sounds!

‘(Into the land) that time forgot’ sets the scene with the colour sounds and textures flowing out quickly but smoothly. The aptly titled ‘The Trip’ indeed takes you off on a slow and psychedelic trip. The music allows you to drift off peacefully into the abyss with many different places explored along the way. As the song progressed to its second part it takes on a chilling atmosphere, with the mix of slow keys and crazy whisperings brining out the unnerving feeling. ‘On through the ages’ is a soft and beautiful offering, the different weird and wonderful sounds sprinkle their way through to paint a soft but powerful soundscape. ‘Voyage of the crystal bird’ is a beautiful, sombre song, gently moving along, driven by an astounding flute. ‘Rania’ starts off slow and calmly, gradually getting heavier and heavier to works its way into a massive heavy prog-rock anthem. The album closes with its title track. The suble abundance of sounds create an amazing experience that is calm yet full of activity, finishing the album off beautifully!

This is quite a magical musical experience with all tracks taking off on their own special journey. It is also the kind of album where each time you listen to it you discover something new and amazing!

Check out Constantine’s bandcamp page to find out more!