Back in the mid to late eighties The Train Set emerged from the Crewe/Winsford indie music scene to make an impact on the Manchester and Liverpool gig circuit as well as the British music press. The band released two 12″ singles which both broke the Indie Chart before mysteriously disappearing. This compilation album features tracks from the band’s singles as well as some previously unreleased material.

This is one of those occasions where a compilation album is a really good thing. With the band gone too soon and to some extent the music being forgotten, this is a great chance to rediscover the magic that was produced by this Crewe based outfit and have some asking themselves why they had never heard of them before.

While it is a compilation the band have managed to put together a collection of songs that have a feeling of fitting together nicely.

From the very beginning the compilation takes you back to the 80s alt rock scene with the vibrant sounds of ‘Hold on’ reminiscent of The Cure or the Smiths, finished off nicely with the cool echoy vocals. ‘She’s gone’ has a dark yet endearing feel to it as it calmly takes you down a darkened pathway, climaxing with a massive chaotic instrumental jam towards the end.

‘Stop stalling (Sob stories)’ is the perfect 80s indie pop tune. Reminiscent of the Go-Betweens the music infectiously catchy while also having a subtle darkness to it. ‘All blown over (the recall)’ is a dark and melancholic offering that is powerful and heartfelt. ‘That’s all’ is an epic 6 minute experience that covers some amazing experimental indue sounds all wrapped together with a bright and charming pop exterior.

A key highlight to the album is the previously unreleased atmospheric and hypnotic ‘Beautiful monster’. Reminicent of the Happy Mondays the track brings on a thick sound that will take you off into a haze!


This is an amazing collection of songs that take you back to the 80s with a great retro feel while at the same time have a timeless quality that makes them feel fresh and new. If you didn’t catch The Train Set in the 5 minute window before they took off from the station, here is a great opportunity to discover some trying wonderful sounds!


Check out the Train Set’s website to find out more!