Continuing with Silber’s 5in5 EP series, here is a collection of fuzzy pop tunes mixed with bedroom noise experimentations from 7 piece LD&Co. Continuing with the series’s theme, there are 5 songs that go for a total of 5 minutes.

Devices begins with the words “spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch” being repeated over before a slow indie / grunge sound wharfs over. Chances encounter is a 30 second country style offering. Starting with some puns around poetry devices it rushes away so quickly that I hadn’t even finished writing this before the next song came on. The radiation isn’t an anomaly, it’s a clue, is a short and sweet Blonde-esk tune that races past quicker than it takes to say the song’s title. Velocity of the bedroom is the longest track on offer and by far the most complete. Sounding like a shoegazery version of They Might Be Giants it drifts along nicely with some pleasant guitar sound sand cool and calm duel vocals. Stay forever, my love is a slow, and dark acoustic tune that acts as a kind of warm down to the record.


This is a decent offering that crams in a lot of sounds, styles, and ideas. It certainly leaves you wanting more with each track feeling like it could be extended to be much much longer. However, in terms of meeting the challenge of 5 songs in 5 minutes this release more than delivers.

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