Wollongong’s 5-piece experimental rockers Basil’s Kites have returned with their second EP. All manner of genres have been used to describe Basil’s Kites’ sound, but the thing is they are all covered with their math rock weaving its way through to cover various sounds. There are elements of Fantomas here as the band go for a quite off beat sound that has a rather spontaneous feel. The lyrics are very minimalist and sparely used to act more as a break between the experimental sounds rather than the main attraction and thus allow the creative and unconventional musicianship to shine through.
Yew starts off with an offbeat ska sound before moving back and forth from loud and aggressive bursts of punk rock and laid back lounge sounds. Hodge’s sex palace seems to lift the energy and noise levels with a stronger ska feel paired with a series of heavy metal blasts. 
Just as well is the most radio friendly tune of the bunch with a relatively more settled garage sound. 
Meanwhile, the instrumental offering Demi Lovato’s Addicted to Avocado is the most off beat and experimental tune, in most parts feeling like an improvised jazz jam!
Kony 2012 is a rough and raw blast of funk, complete with random quotes from James Joyce’s Ulysses delivered in a Les Claypool-esq manner, which is probably pretty close to how they would have sounded whenever Mr Joyce read them aloud!
Finally there is the instrumental Margaret Thatcher’s Dream Catcher to round off the release. Sounding something like an alternate TV theme tune it gives the feel of the credits rolling at the end of the show!
This is very much the sort of release that takes a few listens before it sinks in. Much like a James Joyce novel it takes a while to reflect on to try and understand it, only to then realise that that misses the point completely! If you like your music to be strange, unconventional, and unique, then these are the guys you should be keeping an eye on!
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