Clap Clap Riot is a four-piece Indie Rock band based in Auckland, New Zealand known for their raw and energetic sound. The band are about to release their sophomore album Nobody/Everybody. Tomatrax caught up with Dave Rowland’s, guitarist of the band, to ask a few questions.

How did the band form?
We met in high school and started as a joke band called ‘Penile Dysfunction’

What inspired you to name your band after John Lydon’s applause machine?
We wanted a name that had good phonetics behind it and that was the name that popped up on the drawing board when we put together some band name ideas.

You’re about to release your second album, how does it compare with your debut album?
It’s a lot more real to what we are. It was all tracked live, we really wanted to concentrate on getting the human element of performance perfect.

Where did you get the idea to have duel title tracks for the album?
We were focusing on a concept of all or nothing and the tracks aligned themselves that way.

What made you pick Everybody as the single?
It’s a good snap shot of the energy the band brings and is short and sweet.

What was the inspiration behind the video clip for Everybody?
We took the idea from the lyric of the chorus and decided to throw caution to the wind by driving ourselves in to the middle of nowhere in California.

Your music has a spacey desert like atmosphere, where did the inspiration for this sound come from?
I think it comes from a love of guitar music and a love for Breaking Bad.

Your previous album was named best NZ album of 2012, has that made you feel any pressure in putting this album together?
No, we’ve always decided to just stick with what we want to do ant not worry about any of the external stuff. As long as we’re happy with it, that’s all that matters.

What is the music scene in Auckland like?

Really great, there’s a lot of fantastic musicians in the scene that are top chaps and everyone is willing to help out one another.

Do you ever listen to your own music?
You have to listen to your music for about 4 weeks straight when going through the mixing and mastering process of an album so you listen to it then. After that’s done you generally need a little time away from it to maintain sanity.

What music do you listen to?
Have been listening to The Nerves, Phoenix Foundation, Mac DeMarco.

Now that the album is done, what do you plan on doing next?
We’re arranging some touring for Australia and New Zealand and are working on some new tunes so plenty of work ahead of us.

Check out Clap Clap Riot’s website to find out more!