I’m not sure what the connection is between Dogs, papers, and Submarines, but m guessing it has something to do with grunt, angst, and energy as this is all packed into the Sweeish trio’s self titled EP!

Across the 6 tracks the Swedes blast out their own brand of garage punk rock. There are elements of post punk, lo-if alt rock, and grunge covered along the way ensuring a great variety if sounds to keep things fresh. The songs are all packed with energy and only go for around 3 minutes each ensuring they are short and sweet and don’t outstay their welcome!

The EP opens with three raw and gritty punk rock tunes! There is a heap of energy and grunt as the song charge along. At the same time there is an indie rock tinge to the tracks in the vein of Weezer or They Might Be Giants. This adds a bright charm to the music giving the bands own twist to their punk sound. Lump has an alt rock lo-if sound in the vein of Dinosaur Jr. There is a slow melancholic vibe that glides across. Be afraid do the man in the moon has an electronic post punk feel in the vein of The Notwist. There is a great spacey feel while also retaining a solid and slick poppy sound.

This is a great collection of rock so be that shows a lot of promise. Each track is packed full of energy while also exploring the various facets of rock. On top of this the band are having fun putting together the bits of different genres they like making the EP a very enjoyable experience!

Check out DOG! PAPER! SUBMARINE!’s bandcamp page to find out more!