The South Australian Strikers of William Street are back with their second full length album. The one thing you can always expect from a William Street Strikers album is there will be a lot of musical variety with no two songs sounding the same. The band explore elements of country, garage, grunge, heavy rock, and pop. All of this is interweaven with with a great country / rural atmosphere that makes the album feel like a long journey through the outback with different twists along the way!

‘Nothing’s going on’ has a vintage soft Australian rock sound to it, sounding somewhere between Australian Crawl and Cold Chisel. There is a great atmosphere, with the song slowly drifting by making you feel like you are strolling through a remote country town. ‘Maybe’ sees the energy levels take a big leap with a great pub rock vibe. There is a very lively vibe taking the feeling of a cramped but energetic mosh pit. The gritty lyrics further add to the raw atmosphere. ‘Wreck my soul’ brings in the funky Red Hot Chilli Pepper-esq backbone, combined with a great rocking sing-along chorus.

‘Stalker’ has a catchy ska backdrop but delivered with a certain Australian outback twist to it. This gives the song a fresh feel with the best bits of ska and Australian rock creating a lively and atmospheric tune.
‘Ruby Blue’ is a simple but effective country / folk tune. A sombre tune of heart break, it is delivered with a sense of depression yet acceptance.
The music takes a sudden and sharp turn to the heavy rocking sounds of ‘Seven more’. Fuelled with loud distorting guitars the track brings out a nostalgic grunge soundscape. ‘Get on board’ is a dark and edgy indie-pop tune. There is a curious contrast of poppy tunes and a more menacing industrial backdrop, the two working well and complementing each other. The album closes with the fast and furious punk rock anthem ‘No surrender’. Topped off with a Midnight Oil-esq drum solo the track ensures the album ends on a massive energetic high!

The William Street Strikers have continued their rocking charge. They cover just about every sub-genre of rock you can think of on this album while at the same time bring them all together with their own dusty atmospheric stamp!

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