This is the debut release from London singer, songwriter Melanie Crew. The six tracks each provide sweet, soft, and beautiful textures, led by Melanie’s chilled yet passionate vocals.

‘Hiding away’ is a soft and minimalist acoustic tune. The soft music creates a sweet vibe as it wonders along in a slow and pleasant manner. This is finished off by Melanie’s pretty vocals. ‘Finding a place’ continues in a similar vein picking up the pace slightly. ‘Do you know’ has a deeper sound with a thicker darker atmosphere, like being in the winter while thinking about summer.

‘Take me back’ has a brighter, more poppy exterior. The tunes sweetly dance around playfully in an upbeat but chilled manner. The music takes another dark turn with the chilling and unnerving ‘With you’. The minimalist musical arrangements brings out a bleak and chilling feeling of isolation and regret for love lost. The EP closes with the soft and subtly country infused ‘Waiting for someone.’

This is a very nice collection of pretty and heartfelt tunes.

Check out Melanie Crew’s facebook page to find out more!