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Superorganism debut self titled album

Comprising of members from England, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, eight piece electro indie pop outfit Superorganism have just released their debut, self titled album. Cramming just about every musical genre into the mix, the group produces some of the most unusual sounds that are wonderfully colorful and infectiously catchy. As a result the album features some of the most exciting new music around.

A major highlight is the groundbreaking warped yet poppy debut single ‘Something for your M.I.N.D.’

A further highlight is the band’s latest single ‘Everybody wants to be famous’ providing some sharp tongued social commentary backed with a quirky yet endearing soundtrack.

Album is embedded below. If you can’t see it click here.


Nanaki – Epilogue


‘Epilogue’ is the brand new album from the Isle of Man’s post-rock/instrumental act Nanaki.

Nanaki is the solo project of Michael Daugherty, guitarist of Tomatrax Top 100 winners of 2015 Postcode!

The album provides 6 post-rock sensational instrumental tracks. Ranging from 5 to 18 minutes, each track takes off on its own epic and atmospheric journey exploring elements of shoegaze, post-punk and slowcore in places. Mr Daugherty makes great use of his energetic guitar riffs to create heavy yet hypnotic soundscapes before shifting to a more keyboard focus in the  epic album-closer ‘Into The Afterlife’.

The album is embedded below, if you can’t see it click here.

‘Epilogue’ is the first of several releases planned for 2018 from Nanaki’s Michael Daugherty.

Check out Nanaki’s Facebook page to find out more!

The Reverb Conspiracy: Vol 5


Fuzz Club have just released their latest compilation The Reverb Conspiracy: Volume 5. Joining a number of Fuzz Club’s own artists – including 10,000 Russos, The Gluts and JuJu – will be physical exclusives from TRAAMS and their biting motorik post-punk, cult Italian psych-rockers Julie’s Haircut and the harrowing psychedelic snarl of Portsmouth upstarts Melt Dunes and many, many more. The album is embeded below, if you can’t see it click here.


Talking of Reverb Conspiracy Volume 5, Fuzz Club explains: “Be it psych, garage-rock, post- punk, shoegaze, krautrock or just straight up rock’n’roll, whatever your shtick underground music has never been better than it is right now. The aim of these annual Reverb Conspiracy compilations has been our attempt to try and document the ridiculously good music out there at the minute. As the World At Large seems to be veering into an eerie, increasingly-divided dystopia, let’s forget about all the doom and gloom for a second and be unified by one thing – just good f*cking music. Forget a ‘scene’, this is a movement.”


1. Dead Vibrations – Swirl
2. Melt Dunes – Flesh
3. JuJu – Bring ‘Em War
4. Helicon – The Bold Yin
5. 10 000 Russos – ISM
6. Dreamweapon – Monte da Virgem
7. NONN – Time
8. Julie’s Haircut – Burning Tree
9. Sekel – Bergamot
10. TRAAMS – A House On Fire
11. Psychedelic Trips To Death – The Flesh
12. The Gluts – Squirrel
13. Avenue Z – ZeÌ tron Libre
14. Black Heart Death Cult – Black Rainbow
15. You Said Strange – Youri’s Night
16. Spirit Valley – TNNLVSSN

Check out Fuzz Club’s Facebook page to find out more!

Royal Chant – Pride & Poverty

The Chanters have returned with another record of loud and fuzzy garage rock.

On offer is the blasting heavy pop rock ‘Power pose’. The track covers various deep and dark themes in an ironic tone with the cheerful sing-a-long chorus “there’s nothing we can throw away”.

There is also the dark humored ‘I get a kick out of being kicked around by you’ which captured the gravelly alt-rock / old school grunge atmosphere held together by catchy guitar riffs.

The record also provides the easiest chorus lyrics to learn and sing to in the form of ‘Yada yada yada’.

In addition to the hard and heavy rock sounds there is also the slower melancholic offering ‘Shooting Sparrows’. This brings out a nice low droning guitar growling along and exerting a fug of distorted fuzzy goodness every so often. Providing the is the perfect Saturday afternoon anthem to sit back and gaze off into space!

Album is embedded below, if you can’t see it click here.

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