Tomatrax is a music magazine put together by the people that previously gave you TRM. We interview musicians, review CDs old & new and whatever else we can get round to.

If you are in a band and would like to be featured in the magazine then we invite you to email us. We are always interested in hearing new music and featuring new musicians.

If you would like to get your single, EP or LP reviewed you can email MP3s or a link to download MP3s (but no rar files or streams please, if it can’t be easily downloaded as an MP3, it won’t be listened to). Alternatively you can mail a CD to


PO Box 6424

Upper Mt Gravatt QLD 4122


Please keep in mind, we will review any music sent our way (provided it’s MP3 downloadable). However we get a lot of submissions and limited time to review music, therefore it may take a while before you hear back from us.

Also keep in mind that when we review music we are brutally honest! 

 If you are a fan of music then we invite you to read our articles and contribute your opinion.