This week we are featuring the debut album from Sydney based solo artist Phebe Starr.

Phebe has put out a massive collection of amazing songs over the past decade or so from the emotionally charged “Alone with you” to the bright poppy ”Two hearts”.

On this her first full length release are 11 colourfully vibrant tracks that explore various indie-pop sounds ranging from melancholic and minimalist like the opener “Rollercoaster man” to more country rocking sounds like “Edelweiss”.

The album also features some of her standout tunes from the past couple of years such as the stripped back and heart felt ”Alphabet soup”, and the eerily energetic “Air”

The album also features Phebe Starr’s latest single, the upbeat spacey disco tune “My magic moon”.

Check out Phebe Starr’s Bandcamp page to find out more!