Once a month the Tomatrax album of the week will be a ”throwback” release so you can either feel nostalgia or discover something that you missed first time round.

To kick off the throwback feature albums we will be traveling back 20 years to the debut solo album from Michael Cullen, former frontman of punk rock acts the Hardheads and Watershed.

This record was something of a departure from the loud and roaring sounds of the former garage rock bands.  As his press release put it, the album is a “red wine soaked magic pudding of a record, consisting of equal parts dark beautiful melody, seamless ensemble musicianship and velvet voiced seduction!”  What wasn’t lacking however was the raw passion and emotion that allows his previous bands to charge ahead. This time round, however, it was displayed in a more subdued fashion. 

When asked about the transition in sounds and styles at the time of the album’s released Michael explained that he got tired of the confrontational element of punk rock. “That’s something that’s for young people and I grew out of it. I’ll probably continue making dark and moody records but I’m not interested in that unrestrained spiteful anger anymore. I don’t have any of it left.”

In picking a throwback album it was a tough choice between this one and Watershed’s 1995 release ”You buried me”. However the decision became easier when we couldn’t find the album in streamable form anywhere on the World Wide Web. However it looks like it can be purchased here.

Ten years ago when “Love Transmitter” was remastered there was talk of the Hardheads and Watershed’s work being remastered and re-released. Perhaps this feature will give out the right nudge (another solo album would also be nice)! Until then, as a bonus, here is the Hadheards’ EP, ”The long goodbye”.

Check out Michael Cullen’s website to find out more!